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The Pros and Cons of Having Your Own Pool

Jan 24, 2019 12:49:31 PM / by Jennifer Fields


Like most things in life, having a pool in your back yard presents both positives and negatives, and if the internet indicates anything, it’s a divided public opinion. However, if balmy Edmond summers alone don’t leave you fantasizing about a splashy backyard oasis, here are a few ways having a pool can enhance your home and your life.

Easy Entertaining

Tired of having to keep a party alive with endless activities and quirky themes? A swimming pool, with nothing more than water and space, can entertain a crowd for hours. Whether you want an adults-only gathering or a way to keep 20 kids busy, nothing pleases like poolside beverages, a great playlist, and a friendly game of pool volleyball.

Even if you don’t plan to get wet, simply sitting by the water with a group of close friends makes life feel a little calmer. Not to mention, in the warm southern region of central Oklahoma, pool season lasts several months, giving you more than enough time to take advantage.

Fitness and Therapy

Even without a large lap pool, maintaining your health through water exercise and therapy can help you stay fit, rebuild sore joints and muscles, and reduce the chances of injury (swimming is low-impact and one of the most beneficial forms of exercise). In addition, the privacy of a pool allows you to set your own pace and timeline without the awkwardness of a gym setting or the germs of shared equipment.

Recreation and Relief

Face it, life brings stress. Since you can’t avoid pressure, finding productive ways to calm down is often the most fruitful option. Whether you prefer reading Grisham’s latest thriller to the sound of flowing water or lounging on an inflatable pink flamingo while Billie Holiday sings the blues, nothing sooths a tired mind like a private pool.

Money-Saving Summer Fun

With an up-front cost simpler to finance and a space easier to maintain than you might think, a swimming pool offers you and yours free activity all summer long. While the kids are out of school, keeping them busy with camps or vacations can cost thousands each year. A pool, on the other hand, supplies inexpensive fun for decades, and you can have peace of mind knowing your family is nearby and safe.

Beauty and Appeal

If a flawlessly-kept yard that provides elegance and allure is important to you, few outdoor enterprises can compete with a well-designed swimming pool. Choose the right landscape, add sleek lighting and fixtures, and create any mood you want. Who doesn’t feel moved by dipping their toes in cool water or hearing it gurgle on a warm evening? When finding beauty in the world seems tricky, just open your back door or glance out the window and see the exclusive sanctuary you have created.

If you’re unsure what style works best with your space or need ideas for planning the most up-to-date feature, check out the freshest ideas Houzz has to offer. With hidden edges, luxurious waterfalls and vivid underwater lighting, you’ll never tire of scanning the possibilities.


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Jennifer Fields

Written by Jennifer Fields