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Kitchen Designs Trending in 2019

Jan 22, 2019 5:59:54 PM / by Jennifer Fields

Edmond OK Kitchen Trends [2019 and Beyond]As arguably one of the most dominant spaces in the home, a kitchen’s style—both functional and aesthetic—can and should be thoughtfully designed. If you need inspiration for your new-build’s kitchen, this article looks at the freshest inclinations of 2019.

Colorful Cabinets

Whereas white kitchens have dominated the style scene these last few years, designers and homeowners are beginning to see in color again. 2018 saw an uptick in bold gray, soft blue, and subtle green cabinetry, but 2019 plans to take hues even further…all the way to black. According to HGTV, matte black cabinets paired with light wood accents and eye-catching metals will leave you with a chic, sharp kitchen that manages to look both put together and effortless.

If you don’t feel brave enough for that much pigment, try a two-toned experiment instead. Colors that play nicely together are warm cream and sage green, or distressed white and navy blue. If you want to go further, consider a sleek black island with white open shelving and gold hardware.

Industrial Shelving

Open kitchen shelves have been a thing lately, especially if you own monochromatic dishes or cool, bohemian barware. To move this concept forward, lose the wood altogether and opt for a heavy metal, like iron. Showcasing your collectibles will never feel so gratifying, and you’ll enjoy the edgy look of industrial pipes or forged-iron in a composed kitchen space.

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Whole-Wall Backsplashes

Remember when the backsplash was a practical feature that prevented grease and other splashy contaminates from destroying the wall behind your stove? Well, today’s backsplashes—tired of hiding behind a vent—have brought their quirky tiles and textured nuances all the way to the ceiling. The experts at Real Simple explain how full-on backsplashed walls will take over the coolest kitchens in 2019.

Functional Pantries

Don’t underestimate the importance of this once-hidden kitchen space. No longer a mere storage facility for bags of flour and canned goods, modern pantries provide impeccable organization opportunities for savvy homeowners. With electrical outlets for out-of-the-way charging stations, matching baskets for stylish storage, or rotating shelves for maximized space, the opportunities for total world domination are endless.

Natural Light

If moody colors and bold kitchen cabinets make you nervous, imagine these dramatic tones offset by a beam of sunlight. Yes, well-designed interior lighting can bring a room to life, but natural light via a window above the sink can renew your spirit. And who wants to enjoy their morning coffee against the suffocating glare of artificial luminescence? If you want to see the birds while rinsing dishes or admire a hundred-year-old maple tree as you cook dinner, having large, handsome windows in your kitchen will get you there.

Unexpected Sinks

Rarely seen as a conversation-starter, a kitchen sink used to be all function and no finesse. These days, however, this station is coming into its own with surprising options like hammered copper, granite, and sandstone. Check out Houzz's hippest choices here.

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Jennifer Fields

Written by Jennifer Fields