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Master Bathroom Trends in 2019

Jan 20, 2019 10:39:00 PM / by Jennifer Fields

Master Bath Trends for 2019 [Edmond OK]Homeowners looking to add appeal to their spaces have long known that bathroom makeovers can do wonders for property value. Not to mention, these highly-functional rooms have tremendous potential for aesthetic-boosting projects that can elevate your mood and brighten your outlook. If you’re toying with the idea of an updated master bath or a quaint half-bath for guests, keep reading to discover the fabulous designs the new year has to offer.

Exposed Hardware

Though the industrial look has been on the rise for years, it will be hotter than ever in 2019. Ever peeked under the sink to see those old pipes hidden away next to cleaning products and last year’s stash of body lotion? The days of bulky bathroom cabinets are long gone and forward-thinking homeowners want to see sleek, shiny hardware under a polished stone sink.

Mirror, Mirror…

Mind you, wall-to-wall glass has its place, but current designers want smaller statement mirrors that add drama and elegance to your bathroom. Think bold-colored frames and intricate textures. While some might shy away from this look in the master bath, a strong accent in a guest bathroom can make a great conversational piece. Pair it with interesting wallpaper or an antique sink for that added oomph.

Bigger and Better

With a bathroom’s role expanding from function-only to a haven of beauty and relaxation, homeowners want more room. While newer homes can add girth by connecting the master closet to this area (an idea catching on fire these days), those in older houses might choose to combine two small bedrooms or add an expansion to the existing unit. Either way, the message is clear. If you want optimal convenience and ultimate relaxation, you need a big arena.


True, lighting gets the most love in every room of the house, but clean, elegant light is especially useful in the bathroom. While three-bulbed units have worked well in the past, those stepping up their bathroom game have opted for eye-catching chandeliers. Whether you choose a central location or that charming spot above a freestanding tub, these classic attachments will make any bathroom stand out. Browse these examples to get those creative juices flowing.

Creative Storage

Whether you need an extra vanity to house your assemblage of moisturizers or a quirky floating shelf for a few vintage perfume bottles, 2019 is all about interesting storage options. An ever-growing idea has placed dual vanities in bathrooms other than the master, and trendy designers are installing strategically-placed ledges for displaying and accessing relevant bath accessories. Whatever option you land on, remember—think outside the cabinet.

Subway All the Way

Subway tile has been on the radar for years but spend time in a design warehouse and you’ll see new geometric shapes, bold colors and interesting patterns. What makes these handy wall trimmings so great is their affordability and versatility. You can reshape a space with bright blue subway tile in a herringbone pattern without breaking the bank.

Whatever your reasons for wanting an updated bathroom, 2019 has much to inspire you. Don’t be afraid to get inventive, playing with concepts and re-imagining practical arrangements.

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Jennifer Fields

Written by Jennifer Fields