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Tips for Building a Home in Edmond, Oklahoma

Dec 1, 2018 6:57:00 AM / by Jennifer Fields

Tips for Building a Home in Edmond, OklahomaAnyone who has ever gone house shopping knows the headache of trying to find that perfect fit. Maybe you love the layout, but the yard is too small for active children. If you’ve found the ideal lot, the closets might be too small, the kitchen outdated. When it comes to tailoring a home to your lifestyle and tastes, choosing to build can provide the most rewarding option; however, without adequate planning, the process can overwhelm and consume well-meaning buyers. So, if you’ve decided to build a forever home in Edmond, Oklahoma, here are a few tips for a productive, hassle-free experience.

Plan, Plan, and Keep Planning 

Once you commit to building from the ground up, a thorough, well-researched plan is your best defense against frustration. Without a clear understanding of your preferences, options and budget, you could unwittingly fall prey to more house than you need or an inadequate floor plan. When analyzing your lifestyle and expectations, ask yourself these questions:

  • What direction will the house face on the lot? If you like to garden, this could be a more important element than you think.
  • Do I want one story or two? If you prioritize yard space, you might consider the larger footprint of a one-story house.
  • Will the house be close to desirable schools, shopping, and work? A quality builder will have this information easily-accessible. Click here to view one of Silver Stone Homes featured neighborhoods.
  • How should the rooms flow? Sometimes looking at floor plans doesn’t give you the full idea. Consider attending open houses in the area to get a better feel for what you want.
  • What’s my budget? There are several online calculators to help you break down income, debt, and other contributing factors.

Pre-planning can take considerable time if done right, but being deliberate with organization and research will pay off down the road. If unsure where to start, here’s a great resource for taking that first step.

Choose the Right Builder

Once you understand your needs, finding a builder who can share and execute that vision is crucial, as you will work closely with them over the next several months. If unsure what to look for or the right questions to ask, click here for a straightforward how-to article.

Get Familiar with Your Agreement

Once you pick a builder, having a clear understanding of the contract will save confusion about issues like construction costs and what they cover. Make sure the time frame fits your schedule, the payment plan is adequate, and you understand the warranty and insurance information. Better yet, it might be wise to have an attorney look over the documents before you sign, ensuring any modifications are mutually agreed upon and properly documented.

Maintain Communication

Once shovels hit dirt, you should communicate with the builder frequently. Construction updates and regular check-ins will help you spot and handle any problem areas before they escalate. Don’t be afraid to push back on details that are important to you. This is your dream house, remember?

With regular communication and a healthy relationship with your builder, the construction process should remain smooth and argument-free.

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Jennifer Fields

Written by Jennifer Fields