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New Year, New Space: Tips for Decluttering Your Home

Nov 17, 2018 7:04:00 AM / by Jennifer Fields

Tips for Decluttering Your Edmond OK Home  With the Holidays around the corner, stress and anxiety are in heavy supply, but experts agree that lining your home with joy-giving décor while purging unnecessary elements can reduce angst and invigorate the spirit. Not to mention, home should be a haven of peace and comfort, not a receptacle for outdated mail and unused kitchen gadgets. So, to make this a year of organization and minimalism, keep reading and take advantage of these clever decluttering techniques.

Rethink the Laundry Room

Even on the best days, spending hours on laundry is a soul-sucking mission. Why not streamline the task with an organized laundry room? Prevention magazine prioritizes efficiency in this room especially, recommending baskets to hide unsightly but necessary items like dryer sheets and detergent. Hanging organizers and trendy shelving units can also provide storage space for essentials. To complete the look, paint a soft hue (think muted sage or powder blue) on the walls.

Use Functional Furniture

HGTV, the knower of all things hearth and home, upholds the necessity of useful accent pieces. For example, some ottomans have removable tops. Use these handy items to house extra bedding, photo albums, off-season clothing, or DVDs. In the bedroom, find a statement chest to store throw pillows or extra blankets.

Personalize the Project

Although online forums might give great advice, no one understands your needs like you. To boost the chances of long-term success, gurus recommend thorough self-examination:

  • Imagine your ideal space - Before taking the first step, create a detailed image in your head or look online for inspiration. Ask yourself about the items in each room, making sure you agree with their use. Once you have a clear picture, let it motivate you to move forward.
  • Prepare yourself mentally – It can be easy to get overwhelmed with decluttering. Remember, disorganization didn't happen overnight; meaningful design takes time.
  • Save the date – If you imagine this project will start on a Saturday afternoon whim, think again. Rarely is there a convenient time to attack a task of this magnitude. Instead, pick a weekend during a less hectic month and devote scheduled time. Not only will writing it down help you stay committed, but it will give you time to complete the previous steps.

Final Thoughts

Remember the old adage about the best way to eat an elephant (take one bite at a time)? Nothing better sums up the decluttering process. Start with the room that bothers you the most and go from there. If the thought of a whole-house overhaul raises your blood pressure, devote a couple of hours one day to a doable task, like cleaning out a junk drawer. Then take that feeling of accomplishment and let it fuel the remaining rooms. Try not to get sidetracked, focusing on a single chore before moving to another.

When in doubt, keep asking the right questions. Do I love this item? Does it help in a meaningful way? Does it elevate the space? If you have to think too long, you have your answer.


Jennifer Fields

Written by Jennifer Fields