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Working With a Builder to Customize Your Floor Plan

Nov 18, 2018 9:04:00 PM / by Jennifer Fields

Why It's Important to Work with a Builder Willing to Help You Customize Your Floor PlanIf you've decided to dedicate time and money to building your dream home, why settle for a cookie-cutter floor plan? Surely, one of the biggest advantages to building is selecting unique features that satisfy your needs. Perhaps you envision a two-story with several bedrooms and baths while someone else wants a ranch-style house with a finished attic. A standard layout might be a sensible starting point, but a custom plan increases the chances of achieving your ideal. Silver Stone Homes starts with a variety of available homes to get you started yet allows your vision to lead the way. If you want to custom build but aren't sure what floor plan makes the most sense, consider these options:

For Large Families or Extra Guest Space

If you have several children or aging parents who need their own spaces, think about opting for more rooms. Many modern houses have four or five bedrooms with corresponding bathrooms, and this setup will keep everyone from picky teenagers to independent grandparents feeling well taken care of. These rooms can also come in handy for new out-of-state residents who want plenty of space for visitors. If four or five bedrooms seem right for you, check out these beautiful Silver Stone builds - 1965 Treviso Trail; 2055 Genova Court; 1416 Abberly Circle

For Empty Nesters or Retirees

With kids in college, grandchildren, or new hobbies to accommodate, having multiple bedrooms can still provide convenience for mature buyers. For ideas about re-purposing unused bedrooms, consider the following:

  • Make getting in shape a top priority by creating the ultimate workout space. Hang a TV on the wall, invest in a treadmill or elliptical machine, or use soft lighting and mirrors to make an ideal yoga retreat. 
  • Whatever the hobby, create a den for playing at it. An extra bedroom could mean a new craft room, meditation spot, reading/writing nook or movie room.
  • Leave bedrooms as they are to lodge visiting children or grandchildren. Bunk beds, bean bags, and a cute shelf are all you need to design an interactive play room for the grand babies.

Online Resources for Customizing

With more people than ever wanting to customize a new build, several online outlets have stepped up to help make the process more manageable.

  • - With both ready-made templates and tools for arranging and aligning your ultimate floor plan, this site makes personalization easy. Plus, they offer free digital support if you need further assistance.
  • - For the more seasoned technician, this site generates interactive floor plans and exceptionally lifelike images.
  • - With free downloadable software and plenty of educational material, this site lets you draw and re-draw until you find a perfect fit.

Final Thoughts

Many builders prioritize quick and easy construction on familiar floor plans. If you want an individualized approach, make sure to find a builder who customizes. With an array of helpful resources, including concierge services and a dedicated design team, Silver Stone makes it easier than ever to build your perfect, personalized home in Edmond, OK.

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Jennifer Fields

Written by Jennifer Fields